MPM name



Action, use

Flores Calendulae

Calendula officinalis L (marigold), Asteraceae

carotenoids; triterpenoids (á- and â-amyrene, calendulosides A and B); flavonoids; volatile oil, sesquiterpenoid lactones of bitter taste (calendine)

antiflammatory and spasmolytic; antiseptic in for healing of wounds and burns; for gangling in angina and quensy

Fructus Hippophaes

Hippophae rhamnoides (sea buckthorn ), Eleagnaceae

carotenoids, vitamin E (tocopherols),F, K; flavonoids; organic acids; licopine

anti-inflammatory and bacteriocide (in gynecology, for treatment of ulcers and burns)

Folium Urticae

Urtica dioica L (common nettle), Urticaceae

vitamin K1, carotenoids; chlorophyll;phytosterins , micro- and macroelements

Hemostatic and vitaminic; effective in atherosclerosis, ulcer, cholecystitis; root extract is of antiprostatitic effect

Styli et Stigmata Maidis

Zea mays L (Indian corn, maize), Poaceae

vitamin K1, carotenoids, vitamins C,B 1,2,6, D,E; fixed oil; flavonoids; sytosterol, selen

haemostatic, diuretic, cholagogue

Herba Bursae pastoris

Capsella bursa pastoris (L)Medik (shepherds purse), Brassicaceae

vitamins K1, C; coumarins; flavonoids; amines, organic acids

haemostatic agent used for internal haemorrhage arrest

Fructus Rosae

Rosa cinnamomea L, R. rugosa, R. canina (dog rose), R . villosa L., Rosaceae

Cinnamomeae section contains up to 14 % of ascorbic acid, caninae to 1%; carotene; flavonoids; vitamins B 1,2, PP; pectins, organic acids, microelements

vitaminic (antiscorbutic), choleretic, antisclerotic. Fixed oil of fruit nuts is indicated for burns, dermatitis and X-ray irradiation

Fructus et Folia Ribis nigri

Ribes nigrum l (blackcurrent) , Grosullariceae

vitamins C, P, B complex, E, A; pectins; flavonoids

diuretic, vitaminic, antimicrobic; treatment of anemias and colds

Folia Primulae, Rhizomata et Radices Primulae

Primula Veris L=P.officinalis jacq (cowslip), Primulaceae

vitamin C; triterpenoid saponins (primula-genines, primulaverin, primverine); volatile oil; carotene

vitaminic (leaves), expectorant (root)

Fructus Sorbi

Sorbus aucuparia L. (mountain ash), Rosaceae

carotenes, folic acid, vitamins C, P, B, K, E; phenols; sorbitol; pectins, monosaccharides; tannins

Polyvitaminic remedy, astringent, diuretic, cholagogue, antiatherosclerotic

Folia Fragarie

Fragaria vesca L (wild strawberry), Rosaceae

vitamin C; flavonoids; organic acids; tannins

diuretic, hypoglycemic